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Ways we supported Sydenham School in 2020

Christmas Trees

The PTA delivered nearly 100 Christmas trees to the local community to brighten up many homes and raise funds for the PTA.

Image by Jeremy McKnight

Big PTA Quiz

Hosted by comedy duo the Scummy Mummies, our online Big PTA Quiz was a load of fun during lockdown 2 – and raised even more funds.

International Women's Day 2020

A great group of friendly and eloquent speakers talked about a range of topics to inspire the young women of Sydenham School.


Lend a hand

This is your chance to meet other parents and carers from Sydenham School, as well as contribute to improving the children's school experience.

Girls in a Sports Practice

PTA Donations

We always appreciate the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making our Parent Teacher Association even more impactful than it already is. Be a part of our supportive community by donating whatever you can.