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We are excited to reveal the lucky winners of this year's Sydenham PTA Raffle. Check out the list below to see who won the fantastic prizes:

To claim your prize, please visit Raffall and press the 'claim' button on the winning ticket. Once you access the 'Get Prize' page, you will receive contact information from the host and further instructions. After receiving the prize, press the 'accept' button. For collection or drop-off arrangements please email 


Congratulations to the following ten individuals who each won a Christmas hamper, filled with festive treats to brighten up their holiday season:

  • Michael Abrahams

  • Alexandra Bourdelon

  • Helen Reay

  • Karen Bailey

  • Ben Serbutt

  • Anna Thompson

  • Rebecca Manson Jones

  • Kate Stevens

  • Robert Wickert

  • Pete Ure


Alongside our Christmas Hampers, we had a variety of other amazing local prizes. The lucky winners are:

  • Carley Brown won a Scented Candle Gift Bag

  • Gyorgyi Valenti-Ferrinho won a £50 Voucher for Ivy House Pub in Nunhead

  • Clare Dowdy won a £30 M&S Voucher

  • Rachel Redmond won an Eltham Palace Light Show Family Ticket

  • Lou Errington won a £25 Photography Voucher

  • Hannah Verdier won a £20 Book Voucher from Kirkdale Bookshop

  • Azra Garner won the 'Let Go Leadership' by Obi James

  • Marianne Privett won a Mothers Inc. voucher

  • Honey Webb won a Canary Wharf Ice Skating Voucher for a Family of 4

  • Sam Burges won a Dinner for 4 at the Amrutha Lounge

  • Rebecca Farmer won the 'Made in London' book by Clare Dowdy

  • Aelish Fisher won a Woolly Scarf

  • Cathy Kinsley won 'The Theatre of Marvels' by Lianne Dillsworth

  • Kate Stevens won 4 tickets for the Planetarium at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

  • Anna Thompson won a £20 voucher from Better Things


To claim your prize, please press the 'claim' button on the winning ticket on Raffall to access the 'Get Prize' page. Once you receive contact information from the host and further instructions, press the 'accept' button.

For collection or drop-off arrangements, please email

Thank you to everyone who supported the raffle. For those who missed out, your contribution will still benefit the Sydenham PTA and your children in 2024.

Thank you so much

Györgyi (PTA Chair)

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