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Vacancy for a PTA Chair or Co-Chairs

Sydenham School PTA is looking for a new Chair or two people to be Co-Chairs.

The PTA has an active committee and team of volunteers, and lots of fundraising ideas!

Some information is given below about the role of Chair (from the website Parentkind).

If you are interested in this position please do email

Main purpose of the PTA Chair:

The Chair is the main point of contact for the PTA for all members and the school liaison, directs committee’s meetings and makes sure everyone’s views are heard. They ensure all committee members are familiar with the association’s constitution (our PTA is registered as a charity).

Duties and responsibilities of the PTA Chair:

  • Prepares for meetings (with the Secretary)

  • Invites committee members, parents, and staff to PTA committee meetings

  • Suggests items for the agenda

  • Introduces any new committee members

  • Delegates tasks to other committee members and volunteers, and checks they’re completed

  • Liaises with the school, and requests a​‘wish list’ for the PTA committee to use when deciding which projects to fund

  • Ensures the committee fulfils its role in respect of the governance of the association as set out in its constitution – for example, holding an AGM, electing committee members, working with the Treasurer to ensure annual returns are completed

  • Ensures any decisions made are clear, fit the objectives of the association, and are made by agreement of the committee

  • Writes the Chair’s report for the AGM

  • Can be a signatory on the PTA bank account

  • Makes sure the association is GDPR-compliant

Key skills:

  • Confident and assertive – able to control meetings and making sure everyone has an opportunity to speak

  • Able to remain impartial – ensures contributions are brief and that everyone’s views are respected

  • Calm, friendly and approachable – as the main point of contact for the PTA for all members, the PTA Chair must be inclusive, and make sure everyone feels welcome

  • Organised and able to delegate - making sure the workload is shared and that tasks are completed as agreed



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